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Every day I discover more and more people and organizations dealing with some aspect of regenerative managing. They may or may not be aware of the terms "regenerative," "regenerative enterprise," or "regenerative managing" in regard to what they are doing, but they are all dealing with some aspect of what makes an enterprise regenerative. (Heck, some of these folks do not even recognize their business as being part of an enterprise.)

Given the work being done to discover how to make organizations of all types thrive in our rapidly evolving communities and economies its only natural that this would be the case. Whatever type of enterprise renewal, rejuvenation, or vitalization efforts you find, nearly all have some relationship to regenerative managing. After all, our regenerative managing framework, for the first time, makes sense of every aspect of managing, forming regenerative enterprises, and thriving forever.

In fact, once you have this comprehensive laws-of-managing framework in mind, you come to realize that an imperative emerges for all enterprises:

All enterprises must strive to thrive forever or they will become mediocre and irrelevant.

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