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31 Jul 2015 Written by Kim Korn In

My Thoughts on Holacracy

To understand nearly anything, you need a frame of reference. That includes ways of managing such as holacracy.

08 Apr 2015 Written by Kim Korn In

Regenerative Managing Workshops

Joe Pine and Kim Korn are staging a masterclass: The Laws of Managing Regenerative Enterprises in Utrecht, Netherlands at Seats2Meeet on Thursday, April 16th.
This is our first ever public Regenerative Managing workshop.

26 Dec 2013 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Netflix: Model for Values that Regenerate

Reed Hastings, the co-founder and CEO of Netflix has been kind enough to share the work Netflix has done to take bold and dramatic steps towards creating a regenerative enterprise.

25 Sep 2011 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

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07 Jul 2011 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Business Architecture, Inc. is now Create Advantage, Inc.

Many years ago, I took on the appellation "business architect" to signify my passion and mission to design better businesses, organizations, and companies. This led directly to "business architecture" as the name for my company.

24 Jan 2011 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Thrive in the Digital Age

Steve Jobs stands out as a unique CEO, one focused on design in general and user experience design in particular. Highly disciplined, Jobs has been unyielding in his pursuit of simple elegance.

24 Jan 2011 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

The Power of User Experience Design

The digital age arrived around a decade ago at the turn of the century for companies competing on the basis of their consumer offering designs. For the first time, the goods elements of a company's offerings could be largely produced from digital technologies.

02 Sep 2010 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Observations from an Exchange of Regenerative Management Ideas

Recently the Executive Director of an education company engaged me to help his board members understand the needs for his organization. To do this, the Director and I provided the board a Regenerative Management perspective of both his personal and his organization's development over time.

20 Mar 2010 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Innovation Hurdles

Attempting to explain what's needed to bring effective and ongoing innovation into a company can be challenging at best. We as business leaders and managers are more often than not conditioned to avoid risks, guarantee results, and avoid looking stupid.

10 Mar 2010 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

What Management Ought To Be

Businesses leaders struggle now more than ever to create and maintain vital, relevant, and profitable companies.