The Enterprise Challenge

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"How is it possible to create an organization in which the individuals may obtain optimum expression, and simultaneously, in which the organization itself may obtain optimum satisfaction of its demands?" 
– Chris Argyris

Business enterprises have wrestled with this issue for over a century. From one extreme to another – from scientific management to human relations management – leaders have sought solutions to how to lead, manage, and govern their enterprises to lasting success.

Unfortunately the piecemeal additions to traditional managing and the adoption of fads based on the success stories of particular companies have not solved the problem. The march to mediocrity and eventual failure that confounds so many companies continues today. But the alternative now stands ready.

The solution? Regenerative managing. Built on the laws of managing, its practices create enterprises capable of thriving forever. From unleashing the full potential of each worker to continual enterprise vitalization, your company can now thrive in the most competitive times in the history of business.


The Enterprise: An enterprise consistes of one or more people working together to create value. A shoe shine station is an enterprise. So is IBM. So is a church, as well as the Red Cross.  An enterprise carrys out one or more businesses, each with its distintive customers and economic offerings.

Managing: Managing addresses how to create value from human potential - the work of getting work done. The same fundamentals hold true whether you are managing yourself, you small team, or General Electric. All enterprises ultimately face fundamentally the same challenge and managing, to be effective, must deal with those challenges.

The Enterprise Challenge: Mere existence, i.e. just existing, challenges every enterprise while striving to avoid mediocrity and irrelevance. But let's set the bar higher, and make the challenge thriving forever. Addressing this challenge requires an enteprise be regenerative, continually regenerating its capability through interal destructive recreation to stay ahead of the creative destruction of its ecosystems.

The age old problem of managing, for the first time, finally has a solution - whether you are just starting up or dealing with a century old company.


The Enterprise Challenge Leads to the Managing Challenge:

Enterprise Challenge



Enterprises Choose to Thrive or Fail: An enterprise chooses to either thrive forever of fail eventually, as any choice but to thrive forever leads to mediocrity. Choose conventional managing, and you are choosing to fail. Choose regenerative managing and you are choosing to thive -- forever.

The Two Trajectories


So please read on if you care to see how to avoid the agony of conventional managing and the thrill of managing a regenerative enterprise.


The quote at the top of the page: Chris Argyris, “The Individual and Organization: Some Problems of Mutual Adjustment,” Administrative Science Quarterly, June, 1957, p. 24