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Discover possibilities, define opportunities, and launch designs to create ever-greater value

Businesses across all industries embrace digital technology, but there hasn't been the right vocabulary to communicate its power and possibility—until now.

Let us take your enterprise through an Infinite Possibility Exploration Experience to reveal your organization's possibility for new value creation. Experience The Multiverse Exploration Method to make sense of  and discover your organization's opportunities on the digital frontier.

At the core of Infinite Possibility lies the Multiverse, a framework that makes sense of the intersection of Reality and Virtuality for business leaders. The Multiverse reflects both the fundamental nature of the created universe—time, space, and matter—and the virtual possibilities provided by digital technology. Digital technology flips time, space, and matter on their heads to create new worlds, first in our imagination and then in our experience. Companies create value today not just through material substances but more and more with digital substances, employing bits more than atoms. They increasingly interact with customers not in real places but in virtual places that do not really exist. And they go outside the bounds of time to enable autonomous events rather than be tied down by the actual events of real life.

The end result: digital technology takes us beyond the known universe into the Multiverse, defining not one but eight different realms of experience. It is anchored by the Reality of the physical world on one side and on the other by Virtuality—all the ways we can experience web sites, social media, games, and virtual worlds on a screen. But beyond these lie six other realms, six ways that companies can fuse the real and the virtual to create the experiences people crave and from which businesses create value.

Infinite Possibility seminars, workshops, and engagements are based on Joe Pine and Kim Korn's new book, by the same title, from Berrett-Koehler.

Kim collaborates with Joe Pine of Strategic Horizons LLP on the Infinite Possibilty Workshop Offerings. See the Infinite Possibility website for more information on these workshops.

See Joe Pine's video introduction to Infinite Possibility.
For a more in-depth presentation of the Multiverse see the MOMA presentation.

How your company will benefit

  • See new value creation opportunities previously not visible to your company
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your innovation efforts
  • Discover new experience possibilities using digital technology
  • Reduce lead time from ideation to design and deployment
  • Create greater competitive advantage capabilities

What you will learn

  • Why the experiential aspect of your offering leads to the greatest customer value creation ideas and possibilities.
  • The linkage of technology and human capability in creating customer value.
  • The four ways technology enables people to satisfy their needs, pursue their desires, and expand their capabilities.
  • New perspectives on listening to the technology and looking at the customer to boost your ideation results.
  • How to generate compelling ideas when exploring the digital frontier by Reaching through the Realms.
  • What the variables of an experience are and how they form the Multiverse.
  • How to discover new possibilities and define new offerings by varying the variables and plotting them on an Experience Design Canvas.
  • Raise your Experiential Intelligence to see the factors that make up, create value, and detract from value in your experience offerings with the Multiverse.
  • Effective opportunity selection to rapidly identify the most pragmatic and immediately achievable experience design possibilities.
  • Application of the Experience Architecture to guide your thinking, ideation, and design of experiences to foster congruence and coherence in your design efforts.