Introduction to the Beyond Budgeting Institute

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What is Beyond Budgeting

‘Beyond Budgeting’ means beyond command-and-control toward a management model that is more empowered and adaptive.

Beyond Budgeting is about rethinking how we manage organizations in a post-industrial world where innovative management models represent the only sustainable competitive advantage. It is also about releasing people from the burdens of stifling bureaucracy and suffocating control systems, trusting them with information and giving them time to think, reflect, share, learn and improve. Above all it is about learning how to change from the many leaders who have built and managed ‘beyond budgeting’ organizations.

What do we mean by “Budgeting”?

The word ‘budgeting’ is not used in its narrow sense of planning and control, but as a generic term for the traditional command and control management model (with the annual budget process at its core). In this context it describes both a management culture and a performance management system.