The Multiverse®

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The Multiverse Exploration Method helps your organization to search the infinite possiblity of value creation that lies on the digital frontier. Explore the fusion of Reality and Virtuality to discover new value creation opportunities for your organization. The Multiverse consists of eight differnent realms: Reality, Virtuality, Augmented Reality, Alternate Reality, Warped Reality, Augmented Virtuality, Physical Virtuality, and Mirrored Virtuality.

Let us take your enterprise on an explorational journey through The Multiverse to discover new value creation opportunities in each of its eight realms, but especially at the intersections of reality and virtuality. Our workshops teach your team to see your enteprise through the lens of The Multiverse to reveal never before imagined possibility for new customer offerings. The possibility of new business models arise from these events as well.

Below is an interactive tool for learning about the Multiverse framework. Put your cursor over the cube, spin it around, click on one of the eight realms to see a description and an example for it.

  • Spin it with your cursor to see and explore all eight realms.
  • Click on any front-facing realm to discover a description of that realm, a sample baseball photo and a real-world link.
  • Click on the ‘About’ button to see 1) What Is the Multiverse?, 2) Video: Joseph Pine on Infinite Possibility, 3) About the Book (with hotlink to product page), 4) About the Authors, and 5) Credits
  • An upper-right ‘Controls’ button helps you navigate around the 3D Multiverse.
infinite possibility image