Regenerative Managing

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Create Advantage
In order to thrive today, your company must continually innovate. As a business leader you must be constantly exploring for opportunities to create new value for not only your company's customers, but also your company itself. Helping you to make your company capable of creating advantage, time and again, in perpetuity, underlies all that Create Advantage, Inc. does.

Reinventing Managing
Conventional management, with its hallmarks of command and control, worked in the past to achieve operational effectiveness, but it lacks, and has always lacked, the capability to achieve and sustain the vitality of companies. On the other hand, regenerative managing, with its hallmarks of meaning and orchestration, produces both operationally effective and self-rejuvenating companies that thrive in rapidly evolving industries and economies. Being self-evolving and self-rejuvenating, Regenerative Management® makes your company capable of thriving in perpetuity.

Of the ways your company creates value, management typically gets neglected the most though it arguably holds the greatest reward. When you reinvent your company’s way of managing, first you learn to fully tap your people's potential. Then you apply that potential to nnovating and evolving the rest of your company. Fostering entrepreneurism, you realize radical new business models. Establishing more effective means of innovating your company’s customer offerings and the means to fulfill them, you create greater value for humanity. Today, just as in the past, your company’s fate rests in its way of managing which determines your company’s capability to revitalize its customer offerings, business models, and even its practices of managing.

Making Regenerative Enterprises
All the domains of value creation—emplyment, organization, ecosystems, capabilities, businesses, ooeration, and enterprise—must evolve and regenerate in concert. Create Advantage works with you to develop not only insights into the possibilities in each domain but also their orchestration to achieve unassailable advantage through their integration, synergy, and co-evolution.


Regenerative Managing - The Short Story
Regenerative managing breaks the gravitational pull towards mediocrity inherent in conventional management's command & control practices so prevalent in companies today.  It does this by building-up and orchestrating your company's creativity that discovers new value creation possibilities with its mastery to create new value.

James G. March, the preeminent organizational scholar, tells us that in order for organizations to sustain their viability and perpetuate themselves they must do two things, and do them well: explore and exploit. March identifies exploring and exploiting as the two types of learning that drive organization evolution-learning that increases organizational performance through “exploration of new possibilities” and learning that increases it through the “exploitation of old certainties.”

Unleash and sustain the vitality of your people to conduct the exploring and exploiting needed to continually innovate and perpetually rejuvenate your company. Develop the capability to regularly innovate and tailor your way of management to your chosen context and the opportunities available to your company.

In doing this, regenerative management solves the most critical issues facing companies today:  brutal competition, sustaining profitability, and engaging their employees.  This radical departure from managing as it's conventionally practiced steps beyond the conflicts between immediate profits, investment and innovation for the future, and finding and retaining motivated employees to produce a company capable of thriving forever.


How You Will Benefit by Adopting Regenerative Managing

  • Managing itself becomes self-evolving to innovate itself as needed
  • Your company becomes self-organizing, continually adjusting to create new value
  • Employees become intrnicially motivated
  • Resources automatically flow to the highest value creating activities
  • Creative destruction within the company becomes analogous to the same outside the company
  • An ongoing flow of innovation revitalizing the company to create a persistent advantage
  • Company and business strategy that achieves ecosystem and business coherence