Regenerative Management®

Employing regenerative managing, enterprises, whether small or large, public or private, just forming or a century old, for profit or non-profit, can expect :

  • Inspired employees collaborating in pursuit of their company's purpose.
  • The creativity and learning that spurs perpetual innovation.
  • Humanity enriching offerings.
  • Organic vitality.
  • To thrive indefinitely.
  • The freedom coming from effective managing

Regenerative Managing

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Why Conventional Management Does Not Work

Business leaders using conventional management, leadership, and governance find themselves fighting a war on two fronts—one outside their company to be competitive against the ongoing creative destruction, the other inside their company to counteract the pernicious tendency of their company to become mediocre.

Conventional management—known by its hallmark of command & control—could effectively direct large, far-flung enterprises in times of stability. But it has always failed to tap the innovation and self-transformation power inherent in organizations that preserve and perpetuate them.

No matter how much we augment, tweak, and alter conventional management, its core principles will hold both management and employees in its restrictive grip and fail time and time again.



Why Regenerative Managing Does Work

Regenerative managing—a way of managing that continually regenerates your company—serves as the antidote for conventional management, leadership, and governance. 

Unlike the structure and rigidity command and control brings an organization, this new way of managing brings flexibility and emergence. Regenerative Managing brings inspiration and fosters collaboration to meet employees' innate needs, which enable them to thrive, and therefore their organization. With the new hallmarks of meaning & orchestration as its foundational underpinnings, this new way of management produces both operationally effective and self-rejuvenating companies and organizations.