Director's Commentary

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Hello! Kim Korn here. So, what am I up to and what am I up to with this site?

I hope this Briefing section allows you to see clearly what I am seeking to do for you with this website.

First you can see the Intent of the Create Advantage site. What it is getting at and what I intend that it provides you.

Second, the Approach lays out how the Intent gets carried out. I have come to realize that the presumptions of others regarding their view of what the approach "should be" or what they "assume it to be" can get in the way of understanding and participation when the "actual approach" differs greatly from those preconceived notions.

Third, Joe Pine and I collaborate closely on areas of mutual interest. At the same time, he and his partners conduct the business of Strategic Horizons LLP. And there are significant differences in how I carry on with my company, Create Advantage, Inc. For those who care to understand how Joe and I conduct ourselves and work that out, take a look at Kim & Joe's Collaboration.

Fourth, the Discussion portion of this section gives you a window into the issues we are currently wrestling with. It also provides you the opportunity to engage with us on any topics that tickle your fancy.

Lastly, I expect there will be new topics added to the Briefing on a fairly regular basis.