Infinite Possibility

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Infinite Possibility Presents The Multiverse of Possibilities for Creating New Value with Digital Technology!

B. Joseph Pine II and Kim C. Korn wrote the book on gaining deep insights into the possibilities for creating customer value on the digial frontier.

We are now deeply into an Experience Economy, where memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways have become the predominant economic offering. Digital technology is an unparalleled tool for creating high value experiences for your customers, but what is the best way for your business to use it? The possibilities seem infinite. What kinds of experiences can you create? Which ones should you create? 

To help your company take advantage of digital technology, Joe and Kim bring you the Multiverse. This profound new model helps you to conceptualize and combine various aspects of the virtual and the real to create breakthrough customer experiences. Some of the most powerful experiences incorporate both worlds-like the Wii, which combines a physical experience with a virtual one. They delineates eight different realms of digital/real experience and, using dozens of actual examples, show how innovative companies are operating within-and across-each to create extraordinary customer value.


Joe Pine's Introduction to Infinite Possibility 


Joe's More In Depth Presentation at MOMA (of an early version of the Multiverse)


FreedomLab's Mulitverse Video