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Bring the world the best way of working together in common pursuits of all types. 


Working Together

We have discovered and define a way of working together that creates the greatest possible value from people who voluntarily join together to accomplish an objective, achieve a mission, or pursue a common purpose. We call this joint pursuit an enterprise, whether it consists of one individual or tens of thousands. Whether they join together for business, a nonprofit cause, or a school. Whether they just started it yesterday or are working in a centuries old institution.


We then observed that in order for an enterprise to effectively carry out its reason for existence, it must be regenerative - that is, it must destructively recreate itself as its ecosystems carry out their creative destruction. In doing this, the enterprise avoids mediocrity, exercises its greatest possible human potential, creates the greatest possible value, and, maybe surprisingly when you first hear it, works to thrive forever.

Developing, operating, and transforming an enterprise we then call managing. Managing includes the leadership, management, and governance of an enterprise. It addresses the two common challenges faced by all enterprises, whether big or small, young or old. First, determining at what to aim the activities of the enterprise, and second, employing workers to achieve the aims of the enterprise.  Those enterprises seeking to sincerely pursue their purpose, which requires being regenerative, then must employ regenerative managing


What's In It For You?

We have also identified how to transform enterprises to become regenerative, how to identify, create, and adopt regenerative managing practices to replace conventional management practices. But while we are compiling and refining this information, and delivering seminars and workshops to our eager audiences, we want make available to the world what we know about the essence of regenerative managing. This for the following reasons:

    • Knowledge - Having this precious knowledge, we do not want to delay in sharing it. And only when acting on what we learn do we understand what knowledge we truly have.
    • Making Sense - What we have for you even goes well beyond regenerative managing itself. The value creation and managing frameworks of regenerative managing serve to make sense of all ways of managing, building innovation capabilities within enterprises, and serves as an effective lens and filter for the flurry of management innovation going on today.
    • Community - Many others are working on radically improving management. Whether they are working on Radical Managing, Managing 3.0, or Beyond Budgeting, their activities can all be made sense of by viewing them through the regenerative managing framework. In order to highlight, makes sense of, and develop synergy between all these pursuits, I and am looking to bring these communities together, to a degree. See Community for more on this. And if your community is not there, please tell me.
    • Serving the Greater Good - Following our meaningful purpose, we avidly pursue bring the world a way of managing that respects humanity and in doing so, creates value for the world beyond today's wildest dreams.
    • Collaboration - As Joe and I know well, two heads are better than one. A thousand are better than two.


 We Invite You to Collaborate

There are (or will be) discussion and blog or blog-like pages throughout this site. Whenever you run into any of these, you are being invited to join in the conversation as to what managing ought to be -- or if you prefer, how working together ought to work. A good place for you to start might either be the Discussion in the Briefing section here were we are sharing and seeking ideas for how to pursue this effort or the Create Advantage Blog that serves as a regenerative enterprise and managing forum.