Kim & Joe's Collaboration

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Kim Korn of Create Advantage and Joe Pine of Strategic Horizons collaborate on researching, writing about, presenting, and introducing regenerative managing to the world. This collaborative initiative began over a decade ago when Joe at first humored me. But as time went on he became more engaged as he realized that we were really on to something. The more we brought form and substance to regenerative managing, the more we came to understand its significance and beauty. We came to realize that it brings out the full potential of an enterprise and its people to thrive together, and in the case of the enterprise, thrive forever.

We are continuing on with the exploration of regenerative managing, further discovering, defining, and refining what it ought to be. But we hit a huge milestone in August of 2014. We had defined the essence of regenerative managing. And I mean a rock-solid, logically complete, and beautiful foundational definition, not just an "it looks OK to me" definition. We found we had defined the structure for all enterprise value creation and, as a result, the structure to view, understand, and define any way of managing. So based on this definitive structure of enterprise value creation and managing, we went on to define the first principles, laws, and imperatives of regenerative managing.


A Word About Styles

Joe's well known style of preparing and dispensing knowledge with Strategic Horizons, such as his and Jim Gilmore's writing like the classic business book The Experience Economy. On the other hand, my style for making sense of managing and building the regenerative managing body of knowledge became radically different for two reasons. First, I am exploring, and opening this exploration to be collaborative with anyone who cares to join in. I am not yet ready to produce the definitive broader work on regenerative managing. Second, I am not Joe. This bit of pluralism in our regenerative managing quest has served us well, and I believe will continue to do so going forward. My style largely prevails in our work to get things developed and socialized. In the meantime, Joe has graciously - OK, sometimes not so graciously at first - accepted this stylistic difference. 

From my viewpoint, this stylistic difference comes not so much from different personalities, though that enters into it, but from Joe and I focusing on different stages of our own businesses. Joe's Strategic Horizons' practice operates in well-defined ways, with a successful style all its own, to go year after year delivering clear cut value to Joe's and Jim's customers. On the other hand, Joe's association with Kim on the regenerative managing exploration brings a whole new body of knowledge to fruition. As such, my business, Create Advantage, has no such established ways.

So let's all understand Kim operates pretty much full-time in the spirit of collaborative exploration, agility, rapid prototyping, and minimum viable products (or ideas) that often brings about unpolished works, writings, and other customer offerings. These outputs are quite different from Joe's and Jim's Strategic Horizions works. The point being, just because Joe's name is on a book, an article, or this website, do not take any of this as his "new style" or a step down from the tremendously high quality of his work coming out of Strategic Horizons.

Joe's name on things coming out of his collaboration with Kim Korn's work simply give him credit for his phenomenal contribution to the formation of regenerative managing - even where he might cringe at the style of it. Together, Joe and I are truly the regenerative managing brain trust.